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Monuments in Madrid

Monuments in MadridEndowed with exceptional architecture and unique design, monuments in Travel to Madrid Spain showcase the rich cultural heritage of city. The magnificent landmarks in Madrid give glimpse at enriched culture of this capital city. These monuments come equipped with wealth of artistic treasure.

Take a visit to Walls of Madrid, Iglesia de San Nicolas de los Servitas, Casa de los Lujanes and Iglesia de San Pedro el Grande. All these monuments were established before 16th century. Plaza de la Paja built in 16th century is a Chapel with altar showcasing the Renaissance style. Casa Cisneros and Bridge of Segovia also belong to the 16th century. Covering the area of 9 acres, Bridge of Segovia is a masterpiece of Juan de Herrera. Casa de las Siete Chimeneas is an important landmark of 16th century that presently serves as Ministry of Culture.

Monasterio de la Encarnacion belonging to the 17th century showcases one of the finest Madrid's baroque style of art, i.e. Barroco Madrileno. Plaza Mayor built by Philip III in between 1617-1619, depicts the magnificent Renaissance art. Catch a glimpse at a sculpture of the king by Juan de Bolonia and Pietro Tacca in the center of this square. In 1790, the Plaza Mayor caught fire and was almost destructed and later on was rebuilt.

Head your way to the artistic wonders of 18th century. Palacio Real was built under the rule of Philip V in 1714. While taking a tour inside this Royal Palace, the house of king, take a look at the Throne Hall. The impressive architecture of the palace captivates the hearts of visitors. Other monuments or landmarks belonging to the 18th century are La Casa de Correos (built in between 1766 and 1768), La Casa de Postas (built in between 1795-1800), Fountain of Cibles, Fountain of Neptune, Puerto de Alcala and Bridge of Toledo.

There are many other exquisite monuments or landmarks that holds regional and national importance belonging to 19th and 20th century Plaza de Oriente, Teatro Real (Opera House), Puerto de Toledo, Puerto del Sol and Cason del Buen Retiro.

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