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Cities in Spain

Cities in SpainSpain is an excitingly beautiful country locates in southwest of Europe. Spain is encircled by the Bay of Biscay, North Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Pyrenees Mountains, southwest of France. Madrid being the capital city of Spain is also a commercial and business hub of the country. If you are looking for excursions from Madrid try out some of the other exotic cities in Spain offering great Spanish culture and architecture.

Some of the cities in Spain located nearby Madrid are worth the visit and also offers exciting excursion trips from Madrid.

Toledo in Spain is located about 70 km south west of this vibrant capital city, Madrid. Perched on a Castilian hilltop looking out to a panoramic view of the Río Tajo (River Tagus) in all its glory, Toledo in Spain was once the capital of Spain in 567 to 711 under the Visigoths and also in between 1085 to 1561. It is a small city with plenty of historical sites and museums. This small city is one of the great excursions from Madrid.

Located about 88 km northwest of Madrid, Segovia Spain was established during Iberian era. Overlooking the Río Eresma and Río Clamores, Segovia Spain has a colorful history and many historical wonders. It was ruled over by Romans, Moors and then Christians. This has influenced the art and architecture of the city. Segovia is quite popular among locals as a weekend spot.

Located 112 km northwest of Madrid, Avila Spain is settled against the picturesque view of the Sierra de Ávila looking out to the Río Adaja (River Adaja) and its splendor. Avila Spain is known for its medieval Las Murallas i.e. town walls. This charming city is the birthplace of Santa Teresa de Jesús (St. Theresa of Jesus) and is an escape to tranquil atmosphere.

Nestled 48 km from south of Madrid, Aranjuez Spain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is located at a confluence of the Río Tajo (River Tagus) and Río Jarama (River Jarama). Known for its Palacio Real i.e. Royal Palace and plush gardens, Aranjuez beckons travelers to admire serene beauty of the landscaped region.

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